Messages To Modules

  • _POWER_ 1/0
  • _INIT_ bang
  • _SWITCH_ bang
  • _CONTROL_ 1/0

Messages from Modules


Datatype Symbol

Advanced Gui control scripting


Datatype Boolean 0/1

Notifies the module that it is to be activated, and that processing should commence.


Datatype Bang

Initialization notification. Used incase the effect module needs to initlialize once loaded. Poll for system resources, procedurally build gui based off of variables, etc. See "Image Unit" for example.


Datatype Boolean 0/1

  • Sending - Notifies the GUI script handler that the activated module contains an extra GUI popup window with added functionality, and activates the toggle to open [CTL].
  • Receiving - The above toggle sends a "_CONTROL_ 1" message when toggled on (attempting to open the subpatcher in the module) and a "_CONTROL_ 0" message when closing. See Chroma Feedback module for an example.


Datatype Bang

Notifies the module that it is being de-activated and powered off. This is the opposite of the _INIT_ message. This should be used to clean up any custom created controls.