Global Clock

v001.Clock has a resolution of 0.2ms, and runs via [clocker 0.2] -> [setclock v001.Clock pass]

If you have any objects which take the ‘clock’ message, you may slave to the main system clock by sending a ‘clock v001.Clock’ message. Objects that take the clock message are as follows:

  • metro
  • qmetro
  • tempo
  • timer
  • qlim
  • pipe
  • speedlim
  • timeline
  • delay

Using an external high resolution clock saves the system the trouble of instantiating its own internal clock for each instance of the above object. Every cycle counts.

Usage of the clock message is important, and anticipates the ability to render to disk non-real time, with an MSP~ powered and synced LFO and control rate messaging subsystem. The non-realtime functionality is currently not implemented, but planned.