Please put Beta2 bug reports here.

Known issues in Beta 1

  • imageunit module doesn't work
  • feature request: multi-toggle mode for gui objects, e.g., clicking three times steps output to foo, then bar, then delta.
  • help request: example patch for dynamic module control (as requested in the CDM thread). :)
  • helpfiles with [_] - unintentionally used Jasch's _ object rather than max keyword. Replaces with prepend set for clarity.
    • fixed - Thanks to Leopold Frey for reporting
  • v001.gui.40, v001.gui.160 helpfile - neglected to set 1st argument.
    • fixed - Thanks to Leopold Frey for reporting
  • v001.lib.dynamicroute - first argument not being set.
    • fixed for next release. Thanks to Leopold Frey for reporting.


  • main output, effects 1, and effects 2 previews in Main Out module don't work
    • Well, those are example patches, not the library - so im not going to go out of my way to fix those, as the patches are just guides on what you can do with the system. The patch isnt the product, the library is.. vade February 15, 2007, at 08:59 PM