v.001 is a community driven, open source, modular solution for building easy to (re) use Max/MSP and Jitter patches targeted (but not limited to) visual performers and programmers.

The v001 framework consists of:

A scriptable and dynamic GUI system with hooks for LFO and Midi binding. Separate your logic from your interface and use the standard Max GUI Widgets. Learn more...

A set of Max/MSP and Jitter abstractions that provide a consistent framework for developing reusable patches. The framework provides module loading, dynamic GUI creation, effects bank management and state saving. Learn more...

A set of GPU accelerated shaders to extend Jitter and provide effects, compositing and 3D techniques that are immediately useful to artists and performers. These shaders do not require the v001 framework. Learn more...

A performance based realtime 3D and video application based on the v001 frameworks (coming soon).

Recent News:

Shaders Beta 2

October 13th, 2007

I’d like to announce availability of the second beta of the v001 Shaders. They are open source, Creative Commons-licensed video and 3D shaders built specifically for Jitter.

Download Shader Beta 2.0

I’ve added some fun new shaders. The changelog is below. I’ve got some other shaders in the pipe, but I wanted to get these out the door. I’m trying to release a bit more often to keep the kitchen warm.

I would love any feedback, suggestions, compatibility reports and ideas for new shaders, so feel free to chime in. I have not tested these shaders on all hardware, so it’s very possible certain shaders may not work on certain configurations. Your mileage may vary.

I hope you enjoy them, as I’ve had as much fun making them and learning as I have using them.

Beta 2 - 10.12.2007

New 3D Shaders

  • v001.3d.glyph.jxs
    Use a texture as 2D animation cache, with frame blending on sequential frames.

New Single Channel Effects

  • v001.cartopol.jxs
    Cartesian to Polar coordinate transform.
  • v001.channelmixer.jxs
    Mix color channels amounts — similar to Photoshop’s Channel Mixer.
  • v001.invert.jxs
    Quick and simple color invert.
  • v001.film-bleachbypass.jxs
    Bleach Bypass film treatment emulation.
  • v001.film-lomo.jxs
    Lomo camera emulation with vignetting, contrast boosting and sharpness controls.
  • v001.film-technicolor1.jxs
    Technicolor System 1 emulation. 2 Strip additive process.
  • v001.film-technicolor2.jxs
    Technicolor System 2 emulation. 2 Strip subtractive process.
  • v001.film-technicolor3.jxs
    Technicolor System 3 emulation. 3 Strip subtractive process.
  • v001.levels.jxs
    Photoshop-style levels and curves control with a texture lookup table for speed.
  • v001.lumaglyph.jxs
    Draw arbitrary glyphs based on incoming texture luma values.
  • v001.pixelize.jxs
    Downsample spatial resolution.
  • v001.poltocar.jxs
    Polar to Cartesian coordinate transform.
  • v001.stripes.jxs
    Mask image with colored stripes with rotation and mirroring of stripes and antialiased edges.
  • v001.scanlines.jxs
    CRT-esque scan lines.
  • v001.tintlight.jxs
    Overlay mode tinting.

Updates/Bug fixes

  • v001.fader.jxs
    Updated for arbitrary color fading. No longer black or white. Now takes vec3 color input, and amount.
  • v001.3d.parallax.jxs
    Fixed a bug, now works properly.
  • v001.blackandwhite.jxs
    Added lumacomponents variable to better control luma generation should source image be heavily tinted to one channel.
  • Updated help files to have fullscreen via escape key.
  • Updated Overview to launch helpfiles.

Shader Beta 1

July 4th, 2007

Id like to announce availability of a beta set of v001 Shaders. The shaders include video mixers, effects and 3D shaders to apply to 3D models. The shaders do not require the v001 framework, but will require a decently modern graphics card. Id love feedback and compatibility reports.

Read the rest of this entry »

Public Beta 1

November 23rd, 2006

v001 is meant to help bring a structured method for building modular and reusable performance patches for Max/MSP and Jitter - it isnt a complete low level programming system like Jamoma (nor meant to replace it), rather an immediately useful set of pre-made objects and patching methodologies. I have found this architecure invaluable for rapidly creating new modules to expriment and integrate into my existing performance system, as well as being able to drastically alter the functionality of my performance patch while still being able to retain all of the previous effects ive generated, without having to re-code anything.

If you are interested in contributing, have bug reports, suggestions, questions, feel free to post a comment or email vade at vade dot info.

Download v001 beta 1

For a quick overview of what v001 can do for your patches, watch the following screencast, and check out the example patches that show some real world examples of how to use v001.

if you have any bugs to report, please post in the wiki

Thanks - vade.

Introducing v.001

November 15th, 2006

v.001 is a community driven, open source, modular solution for building easy to (re) use Max/MSP and Jitter patches targeted (but not limited to) visual performers and programmers.

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